Welcome July!

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Only 74 days until the September 14, ACT test date. Consider enrolling your student in one of our ACT prep programs before the hustle and bustle of a busy school year know, projects, homework, Homecoming, dances, football, college football, soccer, band, music lessons, musical and theater productions, Scouts, faith-based obligations, Grandma's birthday party, XC, volleyball, AP classes, tests, tests, and more tests, required community service hours (must have for National Honor Society) the. list. goes. on.

There is a lot that we can do to help support your student during the last few lazy days of summer. A head start in July will allow them time to practice their ACT test-taking strategies 10-15 minutes a night during the school year, to remain fresh and sharp.

Don't forget about the ACT Prep Kick-Off on Tuesday, July 30! There will be plenty of time (88 days from July 30) to prepare for the October 26 test date!

Oh, and for your convenience, several local college football games scheduled on the October test date are listed below. You're welcome! :)

It appears that several of the schools will be traveling to Texas that weekend.

October 26:

Alcorn at home against Southern University A & M

JSU at Prairie View

Miss State at Texas A & M

Ole Miss (open)

USM at Rice

Pssst: Don't forget to check your student's high school calendar for a potential late-night prior to test day.

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